We are a blog and digital health platform that connects doctors and patients.

Our platform offers personalised health pathways and promotes relations with doctors through interactive and innovative digital services.

Benefitbrowgenie.com offers users the opportunity to register for free on the platform and access their own personal dashboard. At the same time it allows doctors to have an online visibility profile and a suite of free and paid services to improve and optimize their professional activity.


  • Reserved area with personalized contents based on biometric parameters and user preferences
  • Medical support services to suggest to the patient further details of his interest and advice to follow
  • Audiovisual content, translated and subtitled in over sixty languages
  • Online consulting with industry experts who can answer your questions
  • Dedicated access for health professionals and the ability to communicate directly with patients through dedicated services
  • Professional development area reserved for doctors


We are a team of dynamic and young people with experience in the field and a passion for digital communication at the service of health.
The detail, the attention to the contents and the quality of our services distinguish our positioning.
To our Users, to all the Doctors who collaborate and also to our Clients we give above all a value, because we believe that health is an inestimable good.