Medical Professionals Recommend Regular Check Ups

Medical Professionals Recommend Regular Check Ups

Every person with statutory health insurance has the right to free medical check-ups. Screening focuses on diseases that are easy to treat if detected early. These include the most common causes of death, namely cardiovascular diseases and tumours. Early detection of disease and cancer has been part of the benefits catalogue of the statutory health insurance (GKV) since the seventies.

The number of those who make use of such examinations is low: only just under 50 percent of all women (aged 20 and over) regularly undergo early cancer screening, while the figure for eligible men (aged 45 and over) is less than 20 percent. Only 17 percent of all women and men use the option of a health check-up every two years from the age of 35.

Here is an overview of the preventive medical check-ups paid for by the statutory health insurance funds:

Early detection of cancer

  • Genital examination (annually) for cervical cancer in women from the age of 20 years or more.
  • Breast examination (annually) for women aged 30 and over
  • Mammography screening (every two years) for women from the age of 50 until the end of their 70th year of life.
  • Prostate examination, genital examination (annual), palpation examination of lymph nodes in men aged 43 and older
  • Full-body examination of the entire skin of women and men aged 35 and over
  • Colon and rectal examination (annually), test for hidden blood (annually up to the age of 54 years) for women and men from the age of 50 years, men from the age of 50 years: Two colonoscopies every 10 years, test for concealed blood every two years, women aged 55 and over: Two colonoscopies every 10 years, test for hidden blood every two years.
  • Skin cancer screening every two years from the age of 35 years

tes Kesehatan
Здравље test
тест здоровья
ujian kesihatan
מבחן בריאות
тэст здароўя
δοκιμή Υγείας
Ден соолук сыноо
Helse test
ჯანმრთელობა ტესტი
Test Salute
صحت ٹیسٹ
whakamātautau hauora
Veselības pārbaude
kiểm tra sức khỏe
Денсаулық сынақ
առողջություն փորձարկում
prueba de la salud
teste de saúde
Test de la santé
test Health
Sağlık testi
Egészségügyi teszt
Здраве тест
санҷиши саломатӣ
Kalusugan test
тест здоров’я
स्वास्थ्य परीक्षण
Test zdrowia
Test za zdravje
zdravotné testy
Health test
Tervis test
සෞඛ්ය පරීක්ෂණ
sveikatos testas
Sundhed test
zdravlje test
건강 테스트
zdravotní testy
testul de sănătate
Sağlamlıq test
சுகாதாரம் சோதனை
اختبار صحة
Zdravlje Test

Health check-up

Check-up (every two years) for women and men aged 35 and over: Full body examination with blood pressure measurement, blood samples to determine blood sugar and cholesterol levels, urine examination, detailed consultation with the doctor.
Preventive dental check-ups

Examination for tooth, mouth and jaw diseases (once per calendar half-year) in girls and boys aged 6 to 18 years, up to 6 years: three examinations
Dental check-ups (once per calendar half-year) for women and men from the age of 18. This also applies if a tartar removal, X-ray examination or sensitivity test has been carried out during the same session.


Vaccinations are part of the benefits catalogue of the statutory health insurance. In addition, health insurers can cover the costs of certain travel vaccinations.

Regular vaccinations for infants, children and adolescents, which every child should receive: Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, Haemophilus influenzae type B infection, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, human papillomaviruses for girls between 11 and 17 years of age.

Supplements To Increase Muscle Growth

Supplements To Increase Muscle Growth


A sportsman can become a great athlete by eating quality food, doing a hard workout with proper rest without the use of supplements.

We all know that it is not uncommon to go to any supplement store and hear youngsters ask the owner:

“How do I get big?” Or “How do I increase muscle mass?”

It almost seems as if the secret to getting the results is hidden in a pack of powder or pills. Know that the results are obtained with:

  • Training
  • Power supply
  • Rest

Simply put, with sweat and self-denial on what you do! But it is also true that there are natural substances on the market that can seriously help the athlete in improving their sports performance. In this article we will give you our opinion on which to choose.


For example, caffeine can directly stimulate the central nervous system by improving performance.

Or glucosamine could help in strength as it carries out an activity of lubrication of the joints, avoiding injury, and therefore, indirectly can improve performance.

Both types of supplements are considered external aids. There are dozens and dozens of supplements, but which are the best or supposed to improve muscle strength?

What is muscle strength?

Muscle strength is the motor capacity that allows to overcome a resistance or to oppose it through the development of tension by the musculature.

Maximum force: this is the highest force that the neuromuscular system is able to develop through voluntary contraction.

To train the maximum force it is necessary to use high loads with protocols appropriate to your level of training.

This increase in strength will result in an exponential increase in muscle mass in the subsequent training phases. Let’s see the best supplements to take during a strength cycle:


Creatine is the undisputed king of all supplements. There is no other existing supplement better than creatine.

Creatine allows you to:

  • increase strength
  • gain muscle mass,
  • increase work capacity,
  • have a greater capacity for recovery,
  • to decrease fat,
  • improve heart and brain health.

Studies have shown that there is a slight advantage if creatine is taken in the post-workout period compared to any other time.

Personally, I think the best way is to take it before and after training.

Doses of 5 grams before and 5 grams after training, are objectively the most used by many athletes in the world of cast iron.

If you are taking a strength cycle, take creatine and you will see that the results will be remarkable.


The advantage of using a fish oil supplement is that it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids in particular EPA and DHA.

Therefore supplementing your diet with this supplement is important and some of the most important advantages in taking an omega 3 supplement for strength athletes are:

  • Better blood circulation
  • reduction of general inflammation

Clearly reducing inflammation in any athlete is of the utmost importance. Inflammations decrease:

  • recovery,
  • cause injuries,
  • obstruct overall performance

Increasing blood flow and improving heart function is an advantage for everyone, but especially for athletes. Other benefits are:

  • Improvement of mood
  • brain function, (countries that consume more omega 3 do not have cases of depression within their society),
  • the improvement of the immune system,
  • prevention of cancer.

The omega-3s must be of excellent quality so take good fish several times a week or buy a good quality supplement.


A lot of people buy huge jars of protein, but they don’t actually take them at the right and crucial times of the day. The most important time to consume a protein shaker is behind the workout.

Protein synthesis is the function of the body that repairs and rebuilds the muscles.

The best way to increase this factor is to consume carbohydrates and proteins immediately after training with the anabolic window open.

You have one hour to optimize protein synthesis after training and preferably within the first 30 minutes.

Proteins should be assimilated like whey proteins and high glycemic index carbohydrates so that the muscles quickly absorb all the required nutrients.

Medically Recommended Plant Based Diets

Medically Recommended Plant Based Diets

It lasts little and is particularly effective: we are talking about the diet of fruit, a super fast low-calorie regime that allows you to eliminate fat pads in a short time.

This diet, as its name suggests, is based on the consumption of fruit. No fruit is excluded and can be consumed at will, reaching up to 1.5 kg per day. First of all, it is important to specify that this is a diet that should not be prolonged in time. This means that you can not follow for more than three days and before doing so it is essential to seek advice from your doctor, this is because it is not suitable for everyone and in some people could cause problems.

How does it work

You can eat both cooked and raw fruit, as well as centrifuged and extracted. There is no shortage of nutrients, this is because, even if few people know it, fruit contains sugars, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, just choose the right one. The rules to be respected are very simple, but strict.

If you decide to cook the fruit, the cooking temperature must never exceed 60 degrees in order not to lose the nutrients. Always eat food with its skin on, making sure to wash and clean it well so as to eliminate pesticides. Not only that: priority must be given to seasonal fruit, avoiding syrupy or frozen fruit. Finally, meals should always be different, varying as much as possible what you eat.

What to eat? The day starts with a sugar-free orange juice or a centrifuged one. As a snack choose the red fruits, which improve circulation and help to drain the liquids. For lunch, choose fresh and light fruit, such as kiwis, oranges, lemons, strawberries or peaches and apricots. For dinner, choose more full-bodied and substantial varieties, such as avocado, coconut and banana. Always remember to drink at least one and a half litres of water every day, to eliminate excess toxins and lose weight faster.

Beauty Spa Massage Oil Relaxing Handmade massage

Beauty Spa Massage Oil Relaxing Handmade massage

So…you’ve always wanted to visit a spa and you’ve finally found the perfect spa to visit. You’ve done your extensive research online – you’ve seen the photos of the rooms, you’ve read reviews about the various massages, body scrubs and facials that they offer and you’ve even picked out a few that you’d like to try. That’s when you go into a second of panic – no one’s told you what to expect when you’re actually at the spa. The questions start popping up – I supposed to take off all my clothes? Do I leave my underwear on? Is my make up going to melt? Is my therapist going to keep talking to me? Don’t fret. We have some spa tips for you!

Here are 5 Tips for the Best First Time Spa Experience so your first time at a spa is a great one!

1. Yes, someone is going to try to sell you something, but it is OK to say no!

We all dislike hard selling, but that should not be a reason to keep us away from booking a luxurious spa treat for ourselves.

Many spas offer first time trial promotions as an invitation to try the spa’s services. These prices are heavily discounted, so don’t be surprised if someone approaches you to top up “only $X” for an extended massage, or to add on treatments before you even start your treatment, and sell you a package after. Be firm and and decline politely! A good spa will be respectful and not bother you, and will continue to provide the best service to make your experience a pleasant one.

2. Your therapist (or whoever leads you to your treatment room) will give you instructions. If they don’t, just ask!

Okay…there’s a bathtub filled with sweet smelling lavender infused water, or a massage table with neatly folded towels. There’s a bathrobe and a pair of disposable underwear. Gosh, this is awkward! What do I do?

When a therapists leads you to your treatment room, he/she will give you instructions as to what to wear and what to expect. For example, if you’re having a bath, they will  tell you to put on your disposable underwear, and that they will return after 30 minutes have passed to let you know it’s time for your next treatment. Or, if you’re having a massage, to remove your clothes and to lie face down on the massage table while awaiting their return.

3. Communication is key in getting the best treatment, but if you’re not comfortable with all the small talk, let your therapist know at the start

Most spas require you to fill up a questionnaire before you start your treatment. If you’re at the spa to solve a specific problem, like releasing some aching knots in your back or getting your face’s impurities thoroughly extracted, make sure that your therapists knows. This is when communication works towards making your spa experience a good one.

Some therapists like to talk a lot during the treatment. This is a great distraction method when you’re experiencing painful treatments like waxing. In most other cases, you’re at a spa to relax. It is okay to let them know you would like some peace and quiet, and that you will let them know yourself halfway if you wish to change how the treatment is flowing, e.g. reducing facial extractions or massage pressure due to pain.

4. Pain does not always equal gain

If you think that you need to endure super painful massages, extra hot bath water, or abrasive scrubs, here’s a big NO. You know your body best, so speak up once a treatment becomes highly uncomfortable before it’s too late. Spa treatments should be about pain and problem relief and relaxation, not accumulation.

5. Take the time to enjoy your post-spa treatment refreshments!

Most spas offer you a warm cup of tea or water after your treatment. Don’t be in a rush to leave. Take your time to sip and finish your drink, especially if you just had a massage!

Not only should the spa experience be relaxing from start to end (never let anyone make you feel like you need to hurry off), rehydration is important after a massage. Massages promote lymphatic movement, so having a drink after helps toxins move through the kidneys and out of your system. We advise that you keep hydrating yourself with plain water once you leave!

We wish you the most amazing first time spa experience!