Light skin, is the purchase worth it? Read on!

These are not all the products available. I am not making this up. Read on to see what you need and what to buy if you're looking to purchase some lightening creams, balms, or oils.

Lightning in a Bottle: This is a simple but powerful product. It does work. Lightening creams for light skin are a little tricky because they have to contain a lot of ingredients, and a lot of light. I bought the product, because it was on sale, because I wanted a good lightening product, and I was looking for a way to make the serum a little more moisturizing, so I could use the serum on my face all day. The serum is light and doesn't leave my skin feeling light. It absorbs quickly and leaves my face feeling moisturized. It's not drying, which I really like! I am a light-skinned woman, so I am sensitive to many things. It's not like that, but I do know when I get sun burned or my skin turns red. This serum is easy to use and the packaging is nice.

My only concern is that I am using this product and it won't last as long as other products that are made specifically for lightening and healing. But it works as advertised.

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